Purple on Purple

So I was just saying the other day how much I love the color purple, and I think I finally proved it with this post. I'm wearing a purple shirt with a purple bubble necklace. I actually received the necklace in the mail by mistake, as I ordered a pearl bubble necklace but received this one (they're sending me the right one and let me keep the wrong one. yay!). It's that perfect "radiant orchid" color I've talked so much about. 

In other news, I got a new camera! It's a Nikon D3100. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I'm learning! I really just want to get really good at making the background blurry. My best friend, Jordan, took these pictures for me today using the new camera, and I think it has made a difference so far!* 

This sweater is the perfect I-ate-way-too-much-over-the-holidays top. It fits loosely and has a pleated back. Basically is warm, comfy, and hides muffin top. I love it! Everyone needs a top like this around this time of year... Am I right? Sigh.

Outfit Details:  Kohl's Apt. 9 top // eBay necklace // Kohl's SO jeans // 
Macy's Style & Co boots // Phillip Lim for Target purse  

*Thanks, Jordan. (Check out her blog here.

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