Florals and Mint

As you can probably tell from my outfit, all I want right now is springtime. It's finally starting to warm up, but to tell the truth, I went right inside and put on a sweatshirt after taking these photos. Le sigh. 

If you're wondering why I took these photos on my shady back porch... let me just tell you all about it. I bought a tripod and a wireless remote for my camera so that I can take my own outfit pictures without bugging my dear Matt to do it for me. I think they turned out okay but a) it's really hard to hide the remote and b) I don't have a good place to set up the tripod and whatnot unless I go to my front driveway... and I feel like people will judge me. [Yes, I know that's silly.] I think I might get over my fears next time and try it out in the actual sunlight. :)