Matching Queen

You know what? I just realized I have an important test tomorrow. Great timing, right? I mean, I am glad I thought of it now, rather than when I get to work. You see, when you work at a financial institution, things change constantly, and you have to know your stuff all the time... therefore we have an annual test. I better make this quick and go study! 

My shoes match my shirt, my shirt matches the grey on my skirt, and my necklace matches my skirt. I am the best at picking out perfectly matching outfits completely by accident. My mom would be proud (she was, she loved this outfit).

Today was kind of a long day, and I think you can tell by looking at me in these pictures. Matt and I didn't even get them taken until about 8 pm. Shew, blogging is so demanding! ;)

I kid, I really like blogging. I started my blog because I enjoy clothes, and I wanted to share my outfits with people, get ideas from other bloggers' outfits, and have a visual record of what I've done with my closet so far. I actually found this awesome app called "What's in my closet?" where you take a picture of each item and categorize all your shirts, pants, etc. It's seriously a great idea, though I think for me it'd be so time consuming. I own way too much. It's almost time for a closet clean out session. Speaking of which, when I do clean out my closet I post the items on my Poshmark account where you can purchase them! Check it out here.

Outfit Details: Top: TJ Maxx // Skirt: Target // Shoes: TJ Maxx // 
Necklace: Maurice's (old) // Belt: Similar // Bracelet: Kohl's

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