It's not July 4th?

I fell down some stairs today.

Don't worry, it was funny, not life-threatening. In case you needed something to make you chuckle, just picture me, somehow not being able to make it down 3 simple wooden steps. I mean, I blame my shoes because seriously, they are SO SLICK on the bottom. I should have been more careful, but I decide to try to be carefree for 3 seconds, and what do you know, my feet slide right out from under me. I can't count how many times I've almost fallen in them (but we can total the amount of times I've actually fallen in them to 1). My sweet boyfriend didn't even laugh at me, he just immediately rushed over and asked if I was okay. I don't deserve him. I would have laughed until I cried if I watched him fall down the (tiny set of 3) steps. Things are a little tender over here, but I'll live, and I have a new appreciation for Matt. 

In other news, here's my outfit: 

[I made my photographer take one with me. Hope you don't mind. :) ]

I woke up today determined to wear these shorts. I always put them on, try to make an outfit, get frustrated, and move on. I don't think I've ever actually made it out of the house with them on! So, I decided to pretend it was Matt's birthday (he was born on the 4th of July... tehe) and threw on my red Old Navy top. It's a bit more revealing than I wanted to be, so I threw this cardigan over it as well, and it turned out so well! The past few days I've felt pretty "meh" about my outfits, but I was happy with this one today. Who knew red, white and blue (and grey) go so well together? Yay 'Merica.

There's something about feeling great in an outfit that brightens my day (maybe you feel that way too and we can be friends). To some, clothes are clothes, but putting together different combinations and finding some that work, really work, makes me happy and gives me an accomplished feeling.

Now that I've had my cheesy moment, I'll continue. When I decided this outfit needed a cardigan with it, I didn't think I owned one that would match. The one I found and ended up wearing is grey with navy on the sleeves. It's something I bought (about a year ago) because I decided I really needed a grey cardigan, yet to this day I haven't worn it. I guess I decided to put all my reject clothes together today. I don't think I could find anything that perfect by accident again if I tried. 

I feet like this outfit would have been perfect to wear with an anchor necklace (so I could be trendy and call it "nautical"), but since I don't own one, I wore this adorable bow necklace I picked up at Kohl's last night on clearance for $9 (it matched my evil slick-bottom bow sandals perfectly, too!). If you haven't noticed, I love Kohl's. I used to work there, and my significant other still does, so I get so many discounts there it's crazy. I told you this necklace was on clearance for $9, but after all my coupons it wasn't more than $6. Yep, I love Kohl's.

Sorry for all the rambling today. I'm feeling chatty. 

Outfit Details: Shorts: Kohl's // Top: Old Navy // Cardigan: Hollister // Necklace: Kohl's // 
Shoes: Coach // Watch: Michael Kors

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