Graduation Day

I graduated today with my Associate degree. I am going back (continuing, really) to school in the fall for my Bachelors, so today was really only the halfway mark. However, today was pretty special because I actually had to get up and give a speech. I'm generally extremely awkward and shy (hard to believe, isn't it?) so I was super nervous, but everyone tells me I did great. My mom said I didn't talk in my "high-pitched nervous voice" so I guess that means I did well (thanks, mom). 

I apologize in advance for the quality of today's photos. I was really wanting to have a little outfit photo-shoot before graduation, but I should have known better. I'm always running late. 

I'm kind of sad about how weird that last photo turned out. Why is there one random spot of intense light on my face? I'm considering dressing back up in the same outfit tomorrow and taking pictures again. Is that too over the top? (I'm kind of relentless when it comes to getting the perfect picture.)

Also, my shoes. I wish so much that you could see them in all their glory. They are pointed-toe, strappy, nude wedges. I mean, a pair of shoes don't get much more perfect than that. They go with everything, they're comfortable, and they stay on my feet. It also doesn't hurt that I got them on sale at TJ Maxx.

Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for posing in all these pictures with me, even if it we did only do each pose one time (which is never enough).

Outfit details: Dress: TJ Maxx (Malloy) // Shoes: TJ Maxx (Franco Sarto) // 
Necklace: Poshmark // Watch: Michael Kors

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