Neon Love

The weather in Kentucky is extremely... varied (what I really want to say is bipolar, but that's offensive. Oops.). Last night, it was about 40 degrees. Today, it was at least 65. Tonight, it's supposed to go back down to the 30s or 40s. I decided to wear a dress while I could. In this state I only have about 12 hours to do so. 

Also, I'm unusually proud of the way this outfit came together. This dress came with a brown belt, but I really wanted to wear this neon pink scarf today, and a brown belt just wasn't working. I just happened to find this pink one that came with a dress I bought about a million years ago, and it's like it and this scarf were made for each other (yay!). 

I tried something crazy with my hair today, if you didn't notice. You see, sock buns and I generally don't get along, but today I was determined to make it work. 15 minutes, about 100 bobby pins, and one can of hairspray later, I decided this was as good as it was gonna get (which is still much better than usual). Maybe my hair will cooperate tomorrow. 

Outfit Details: Dress: Target // Belt: Old // Shoes: Coach // 
Scarf: Bebe // Earrings: Kohl's // Bag: Calvin Klein (old)

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