Snowy Weather

I felt the need to take a selfie. Don't judge.

It's been snowing a lot more than usual in Kentucky this week. I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I hate driving in it, but I love looking at it. I loved snow when I was a kid, but it's not quite as fun when you're an adult because a.) college classes are cancelled VERY rarely and b.) work is pretty much NEVER cancelled. On the bright side, snow means its cold enough to wear my Walmart vest that looks super similar to J. Crew's herringbone vest. My necklace is another J. Crew dupe that I picked up on eBay for $10, as I explained in my last post. As much as I love J. Crew, I tend to get their look for less from other places. Who doesn't love a deal? 

Outfit Details: Old Navy tee // Walmart vest // eBay necklace // 
Seven jeggings // Ugg boots

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