Between you and me, this outfit is from yesterday. That doesn't mean I love it any less though! I spiced up this classy LBD from Target with a lacy cardigan, red belt, and red heels (red lipstick too, if we're counting that). Every girl needs to have a classic black dress, or at least that's what Tim Gunn tells me. The basic black dress is number 1 on his list of wardrobe essentials. When I first looked through his 10 essentials, I realized I didn't have a black dress that I loved. I needed a "go-to" dress for work, going out, etc. I still can't believe I ended up finding this perfect one at Target! Target is slowly taking over my closet (and my bank account).

Also, let me ramble about my shoes and purse for a minute. These Nine West heels were only $20 from (can you guess?) TJ Maxx! I was quite excited to add these to my ever growing collection of shoes. It was my first pair of pointed toe pumps! My purse was just as great of a deal, too! I got it from JustFab.com, where your first purchase is 50% off with free shipping, making this adorable bag only $20. 20 must be my lucky number this week. 

Okay, while I'm at it, I must tell you--my belt cost me about $4. Where did I get it, you ask? Amazon! Amazon isn't just for books, people. Seriously. Never buy belts anywhere else! They have any color/style you could ever want, from $1-5 each! 

Now that I've taught you how to be a cheapskate, go pay your $20 and get yourself a pair of red heels, or an adorable black purse. Or, if you're really cheap, you can just spend $4 and get a cute belt. I won't judge you.

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  1. This is such a classy and sophisticated look. I especially want your belt and heels. Beautiful.