Cozy Sweaters and Scarves

The gorgeous cobalt blue color of my shoes makes me so happy! They were an absolute steal on the clearance rack at Kohl's--$9.99 plus 20% off. I finally got to break them out today with my cozy gap scarf. Even though I was standing outside in 20 degree weather and there was snow on the ground, I wasn't that cold thanks to this baby! It's so warm. Now all I need is a Zara blanket scarf and my scarf collection will be complete. (But seriously... if you see a Zara blanket scarf... CONTACT ME! I'm obsessed.)

Also--I'm doing the 2014 closet remix challenge for the month of January! No new clothes, shoes, or accessories are going to be purchased for the entire month. Okay, I'm actually giving myself 2 or 3 little "cheats," but only for things I really want. For example, a Zara blanket scarf. If those come back in stock you better BELIEVE I'm breaking the rules. Seriously though, other than that, I'm limiting myself to using Christmas gift cards if I see something I just HAVE to have. Other than that, no shopping for me! I can do this. I have tons and tons of things I've never even worn, and I have a few things I ordered in December that aren't here yet (haha! I'm a trickster like that), so it shouldn't be bad at all. Only good things will come out of this, especially for my bank account.

You can follow along the 2014 closet remix challenge on Instagram! Just search the hashtag #closetremixchallenge to see what other bloggers and I are doing to keep the inspiration going. 

Outfit Details | Apt. 9 sweater (Kohl's) // American Eagle jeans // Candie's flats (Kohl's) // GAP scarf // eBay necklace (J. Crew dupe)  

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